In my one of my previous posts i wrote about Good Unit Tests. During my research i discovered the famous Google Testing on the Toilet posts which provide great advice. The Testing-on-the-Toilet articles are short (~3min reads) and give hands-on examples, ready to be applied immediately. Here are my favorites:

Testing on the Toilet

Code Health

Code Health is a subseries of Googles Testing blog and contains fundamental wisdom about keeping large codebases maintainable, readable and “healthy”. Following these practices reduces complexity and facilitates simplicity. As a consequence programming stays enjoyable and developers productivity does not decay over time.

Hackable projects

Google defines “hackable” code as code which is “nice to work on”. In this subseries they define the traits of healthy and likable projects.

More on testing and code health

Are you interested in even more Google testing practices? I recommend the great talk “All Your Tests are Terrible…” from Titus Winters and Hyrum Wright, both are co-authors of the #FlamingoBook which gives deep insights in Google’s software engineering practices. Hyrum has even his own law named after him – Hyrum’s Law.